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jQuery lightgallery

An excellent new lightweight, customizable, modular, responsive, lightbox gallery plugin for jQuery.

Lightbox jQuery

Main feaures: // Fully responsive // Modular architecture with built in plugins // Touch and support for mobile devices // Mouse drag supports for desktops // Animated thumbnails // Youtube Vimeo and html5 // Videos Support // 20+ Hardware-Accelerated CSS3 transitions // Dynamic mode // Full screen support // Supports zoom // Browser history API // Responsive images // HTML iframe support // Multiple instances on one page // Easily customizable via CSS (SCSS) and Settings // Smart image preloading and code optimization // Keyboard Navigation for desktop // Font icon support // And many more

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Trianglify Generator

Free online Trianglify Generator. Multiple color versions, downloadable in both SVG and PNG formats.

Free Trianglify Generator

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Free PSD Mockups

Free PSD mockups with smart layers. Simply replace the graphic in the smart object with yours.
First mockup is a series of 4 T-shirts with different colors. You can change the colors easily in the layer named “color”.

Free T-shirt Template

Download Free 4 T-shirts PSD Mockup

Simple T-shirt PSD Mockup

Simple T-shirt PSD Mockup

Download Free Simple T-shirt PSD Mockup

Simple Women T-shirt PSD Mockup

Simple Women Free T-shirt PSD Mockup

Download Free Women Simple T-shirt PSD Mockup

Free Cotton Bag PSD Mockup – 01

Free Cotton Bag PSD Mockup

Download Free Cotton Bag PSD Mockup 01

Free Cotton Bag PSD Mockup – 02

Free Cotton Bag PSD Mockup

Download Free Cotton Bag PSD Mockup 02

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Advertising that works

A scenario that unfortunately many business owners certainly know: A budget will be spent on advertising materials, however the success of these materials can not be measured accurately. Complicating this is that the promotional activities are often not perceived by the entire audience. No wonder, with today’s flood of advertising.

Some advertising media, like brochures have disadvantages compared to other forms of advertising such as radio or TV advertising. Both types of advertising require the attention of customers to get into their heads and memorize the concept.

As you can see, standing here are now two problems: People generally have little time and especially little desire to absorb all forms of advertising and on the other side there is so much of it that it is even difficult to get out of. So what to do to reach people and yet to draw attention to your own company? “Very easy: attract attention and make people look at the advertising and feel the message.” Like so many things in life, this is easier said than done. Companies often lack the time to thoroughly deal with the issue, which in turn makes it difficult to arrive at an optimal solution. It is with a little know-how neither particularly difficult nor necessarily expensive, a company manages to develop great advertising, which makes potential customers aware of not only themselves, but the concept itself that also remains in memory.

Decathlon advertising

Decathlon advertising

First of all it is important to define itself as a company:

  • Who is the company / Who does it represent?
  • What target / who are the customers interested in the company’s products ? Which target group should the ad address?
  • How do the biggest competitors advertise themselves? How to stand out from the crowd of your own business?
  • What’s the added value to the customer, the company can already offer solely by the ads? / How to bring customers to actually buy your products?

Even if the advertising is meant to attract attention of course, is not helping the company if the advertising does not fit it’s image or can’t be made ​​to look very closely in touch with it. Therefore, it is recommended that the typical colors and shapes as well as the logo that represents the company, contribute as parts of printed advertising.

But no matter how the advertising fails or not, the company should give the potential customers through advertising, the added value of it’s service or product. This means that, one should emphasize on what differentiates him from competing firms and why a customer is best kept in-house. This can be achieved, with lure for the customers, in the truest sense of the word, as a company can attract it’s targeted buyers with promises or even small free offers. To be successful with this and all other relevant advertising strategies you should ask first of all what could move you as a customer to purchase products or to take services just from this company.

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Free PSD template

I am giving away a free PSD template for a presentation website. Minimal, clean style, suitable for a responsive layout. Free to modify and use in commercial or personal projects. Download the ZIP file from DeviantArt.

Free PSD Website Template

Free PSD Template

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17 New Websites With Large Backgrounds

More and more creatives around the globe decided to take advantage of the visual benefits offered by full width image backgrounds. With massive impact and unlimited layout possibilities, they truly are elegant and unique. Here is a collection of some fresh examples worth checking.


















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Default landing page on Facebook

I recently added a new iFrame tab for StudioWEBER on Facebook and wanted to set it up as landing page for non-fan visitors. Here are the steps:

  • Login to your account on Facebook
  • Go to your Facebook page and click on the tab that you want to make default (left hand side)
  • Click to “Edit info” – underneath the page title
  • Go to “Manage permisions” and select the “Default Landing Tab” from the drop down menu.


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7 Hi-Res Wood Textures

7 Hi-resolution wood textures in JPG format.

7 Hi-res wood patterns

7 Hi-res wood patterns

Download RAR file from DeviantArt – Free to use however you like!

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Top sites to list your portfolio.

Below is a list of some of the best free and paid sites where you can list your portfolio on.


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